I’m one of those who can’t and doesn’t intend to walk one path. My curiousity leads, I follow. Better not look for the famous ‘focus’. I’m highly focused – on many trades. That’s the way it has been from the day I can remeber myself, and from what I can see, has worked out pretty well.

Most of my work is not on the net. It happens face to face with others. I’ve seen virtual attempts to conduct an orchestra, I’ve read the storytelling buzz. Not interesting.

When I work in the arts and anything creative, I like to take my time to explore. My Storytelling Agora is going on for years. It carries part of my explorations, research and thoughts about storytelling. You’ll find something about stories in a business environment, some buzz-busting, and a little about marketing. Although I’m a marketing strategy consultant, I hardly write about it. Name-dropping isn’t my sport. I’m more of a NDA person.

When I work in the business world, I shift gears. My eyes are set on the clients’ bottom line. I help SMBs improve performance. I do it through clarity of vision and strategy; multi-disciplinary, creative culture; experience design and proven educational tools that help scale impact.

‘Leonardo Child’ is a current endeavor, to craft a personal development program for polymaths. The original idea popped out of my mouth at The Conference on World Affairs in 2004. More than ten years later, I’m writing the program in Hebrew. Being a multi-disciplinary person in a “what do you do?” world needs some guidance. There is little. The resemblance to the famous “Renaissance Man” is clear. But the Renaissance period is long gone, the world has changes.

My latest is sculpting. More to come about that, it’s a new world for me.

Founder and CEO with ‘The Storytelling Company Inc’. Sought after speaker, panelist and storyteller, the author of ‘Stories at Work’ (Hebrew, 2006).