Storyteller * Musician * Marketing expert * Mentor & Coach * Author * Entrepreneur

CEO & Founder @ The Storytelling Comapny Inc.

CSO & Co-Founder @ Just Right Marketing.

Developer & Founder @ Leonardo Child.

Member @ CAN New Artists Collegium.

Mentor @ Inno-Negev Technology Accelerator.

Being a Polymath – The Honest Blurb

I was four when I first realized I’m drawn to look at the unseen interconnectedness of things. I was always curious to learn what will help me look closer and be everything I can. So you won’t find the famous ‘focus’ or ‘niche’ on this website. I’m highly focused through many trades and practice multidimensional expression.

Trying to figure out what I sell or what you can buy from me, might be confusing. I have a unique mix of experiences, skills and perspectives that make me up. That’s the way I approach things. That’s the way I show up. I have the willingness and courage to take action without knowing where it’s going to go or end. It matters when looking into complex, subjective, multi-dimensional, conflict-saturated issues. If you’re busy with one of those, I’m inviting you to drop a line.

To my fellowship out there: navigating a “what do you do?” environment needs some guidance. There is little. The Renaissance period is long gone, the world has changed. ‘Leonardo Child’ is a current endeavor, to craft a personal development program for polymaths. The original idea popped out of my mouth at The Conference on World Affairs in 2004. More than ten years later, I’m writing the program in Hebrew. In the meanwhile – I’m happy to hear from any of you that are interested in helping others flourish.