My sculpting project is at a fascinating phase. I’m using a 1:1 Styrofoam model to understand the form better and divide it, so I can move into woodwork with less unnecessary surprises. Details are tempting, but form goes first. The window bars are playing their own game.

sculpting form Limor Shiponi

True story :}

In our storytelling peers group, we’ve hit the ‘crafting a story from scratch’ phase. Everybody is deep into material research, scenario vignettes, characters, and the text-senses connection. They are pulling together fragments and testing them on listeners – peers, family and friends.

One of the questions we’re looking into, is about whether to tell an audience the story is fictitious. Group members found that once you tell the ‘truth’, the ‘magic’ disappears. It turns into disappointment. Interesting isn’t it? Nothing in the text changes, yet the imagined story changes.

The only exception is with stories about devastating events told in the first person. Teeling a story about a difficult event as if it happened to you when it didn’t, is betraying trust. Keep story in the realm of story and don’t manipulate feelings and a sense of responsibility. The storyteller needs to tell the audience, “I’m telling you the story of X. this is not my story.”

Starting to work on ‘What Women Need’

Two years ago I got busy with the question ‘what women need’. I wanted to create a space for stories around that theme. Google was my first stop and the results, well… discomforting. You can see the original post here (English) and here (Hebrew). The comments are worth reading though.

Two years went by and today I started working on my program. I’m composing it from stories and a conversation with the audience. As things work out, this year’s theme for World Storytelling Day is ‘strong women’. I’m not even two years late.

Link de jour – World Storytelling Day.

Half sabbatical over

I’ve just realized six months have passed since August 1st 2015. Can’t believe time flys that fast. A lot has been going on – from the first month that was pretty frightening. Now I’ve reached the joy part, touching on stuff I didn’t have time to touch on before. I’m trying to keep away from ‘work’ and suceeding well. Still, my days are packed with doing new things and re-visiting old ones.

Looking at everything I’m involved with, two things pop-up:

1. people are asking me to share what I’m doing.

2. I don’t feel like sharing much of it on Social Media. To my taste, it’s too noisy for this purpose.

I’ve decided to suffle things around; make space for updates about my doings. Until further notice, I’m turning this domain to my portfolio and web journal. The Storytelling Agora moved to (sorry about that long-time link owners).

Right now you won’t find much here, I’m on it.

Link de jour (Hebrew) – new post on ‘Leonardo Child’. It’s about tailoring your multi-talent resume or vendor profile per employer or prospect.