Wondering about Wonderland

By Limor Shiponi


As you will see, fantasy worlds are keeping me occupied right now. I’ve been visiting them via books, games, stories and my own imagination for years since I was a young child which was around once upon a time.

So here are some more questions – would you actually want to inhabit wonderland? I’m not talking about Alice necessarily, I mean any fantasy world. Would you go and live there? How would you communicate – what kind of language would you use? What would you expect to meet?

4 thoughts on “Wondering about Wonderland”

  1. Interesting you are asking these questions…would I like to live in a fantasy world? my first thought was ‘yesss!’ but I’m not sure…they are not real people. They don’t have our problems to solve but they have other problems maybe. Some of them I’m not sure I like… but I would like to try. Maybe not as a fantasy being but rather as a real person. that would be like traveling to a place where people are from a different culture. Well, not really is it? they are not people…strange….so why do I identify with some of them?

  2. Woow, how wonderful if we can live in this Wonderland… I suppost there is no war, no earth quake, no starving etc… a dream land … how to make it come true ..?? .. but I still need a challenge to make it better … to coach someone there ..

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