Expected Premonition

By Limor Shiponi

The Power of a bad idea.


“Government advisers are to call for the annual UK Holocaust memorial day to be ended because it is too exclusive and can be offensive to minorities other than Jews.”

From this week forward, children in England will no longer learn about the Holocaust. Someone hopes to change the story about what happened to about 40 million people during world war 2.

Stories are about identity. Someone is hoping to wipe out an identity by wiping out a story. But there is another story-line/identity here – the story of a people who are not brave enough to keep a story-line.

(Expected premonition by Samuel Bak 1981)

2 thoughts on “Expected Premonition”

  1. There was a similar story earlier this year about a small number of UK classrooms where teachers were not discussing the Holocaust because they were afraid to contradict the Holocaust denial teachings that some of their students were receiving in the home or in houses of worship. This Holocaust avoidance is an act of concession to anti-Semites, not an act of sensitivity to other minorities. True sensitivity to other cultures is presenting an accurate acount of their cultures not avoiding or denying the history of one particular culture.

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