World Storytelling Day event in Israel

By Limor Shiponi

Starting to buzz. Although most of you will not be able to read the event’s blog right now I’ll tell you what will be going on. later on I’ll add an English page.

The event is a joined creation of The Story Telling Company Inc. and our hosts – MediaTheque Holon. Six storyteller’s will take part in the event – the company’s storytelling ensemble: Bahat kalatchi, Efrat Angres-Ewald, Alon Raz, Tuly Flint, Guy Alon and myself – Limor Shiponi. Dani, the company’s business development manager, is in charge of marketing.

The MediaTheque is a large cultural center, hosting a great library and another six institutions. the building allows for a variety of possibilities and we are going to use some of them.

We’ll be telling to kids and families during the morning events, telling on the street and indoors, telling while moving the audience through the building and introducing digital storytelling too.

The evening will start with a street event and music, then we’ll have a panel with a photographer, a journalist, a storyteller and a psychologist. Later into the night the ensemble will perform a story-event for six tellers/neighbors.

During the break period we’ll be offering a free workshop for storytellers only.

I’ll tell you more later on…

2 thoughts on “World Storytelling Day event in Israel”

  1. Hey Limor Shiponi,
    As I am in Jerusalem for my first time after two weeks work as a storyteller in Gaza, I try to contact collegues. On Ferb. 28th my flight back to Germany is booked. Do you have time and possibilities to meet me? I am not on facebook, have some appointments here, but not all the time.
    Sorry, my website is only in German, but you can have an impression by my fotos.

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