Marketing our World Storytelling Day Event

By Limor Shiponi

It might seem that I’m over reacting to the event. I’m very excited, that’s for sure. The reason: the event takes place in a large cultural center and is the first of it’s kind over here. The professionals at the MediaTheque are really devoted to the idea of making it happen. It’s a kind of partnership you don’t meet every day.

One of our greater challenges will be the marketing. It’s a 700 people event – 300 in the morning (mainly kids) and 400 in the evening (adults). So, what is our marketing plan made of:

The event’s blog – it carries information about the participants, world storytelling day, the MediaTheque, the Story telling Company Inc, the program and the storytelling game.
The Storytelling game – is a way to keep our potential audience interested. Starting next week, we’ll be challenging surfers and giving away prizes.
PR – the MediaTheque uses PR on a regular basis and for this event too.
The MediaTheque website – which has a special message on it, announcing the event and the program/game.
Printed material – on local and national newspapers.
Branded email signatures.
Help from the members of our “story lab” – people who meet once a month to learn together and tell stories.
The Israeli Storytelling web-forum.
My other blogs.
Mini digital stories to spread around.
Recorded telling to spread around.
Just telling everybody we meet about the event and leaving a brochure in their hands.
Social/professional networks.

You can help too. if you know someone in Israel interested in Storytelling – please tell them. Here is the event’s website and the place to leave a comment if they are seeking contact or information.

Thanks in advance,

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