Storytelling, Technology, Social Media, Marketing – prelude

By Limor Shiponi

I’ve been reading through this blog’s stats to find out what the people who arrive here are looking for. As it seems, most of you are looking for coaching exercises. That’s great if I know you are actually putting them to test and finding some of them useful for you and your students and colleagues. I’ll be great full to hear about your experiences, please write me, even short notes.

Yet I know there is another reason for this blog winning its reputation, that being a rather shaky title on the web as it changes daily. The first one to notice was Tim Ereneta followed by Eric James Wolf and later on I found my name mentioned on various sites and my definition for storytelling written not far away from here on the sidebar, cited on SlideShare presentations and in various other places. I’m happy for all that and thank you people for giving me a reason to continue writing about this stuff and not keeping it for myself.

What I’m talking about I’ll tell you in a minute but one personal note first. Please read it – it’s important:

English is not my first language and writing not my preferred form of expression. I’m also not exactly THE model for “little girls must be seen but not heard” – maybe because growing up in London and hearing that sentence for the first five years of my life made me want to kick… on the other hand, if you will meet me in person, you’ll notice that my bold and passionate character is well integrated into the habit of keeping good manners and politeness. Why I’m I telling you this? don’t take offense from my written words. If you’re not sure, ask me. I have the feeling that some people feel I’m too harsh. That could be true considering WHAT I write, but not when it comes to the way I treat people – I care for the human race very very much.

That said, I’m getting back to the reason this blog started in any case – this is an Agora. In ancient Greece it was “a place for political assembly; marketplace or public square used for public assemblies.” I’m standing here, trying to ask the difficult questions and search for the answers. Can’t stop it, it’s part of my nature and I enjoy being curious. Talking about storytelling, I’m involved with it in any way you can imagine and my days are split between the art in it’s purest form and all it’s implications. I mean – all.

I’ve chosen to start a long thread of posts about storytelling, technology, social media and marketing mainly because so little has been properly brainstormed in public about these connections and I see some alarming, wonderful and hilarious possibilities there. You should know as a background opening note, that I am directly involved in all of the above, this is not only about long distance theory, but I promise to try and keep things orderly and connected to the work of others.

You are all invited to take part – this is an Agora, let the holy mess begin. First post coming soon…

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