Hamas ‘storytelling’

By Limor Shiponi

This post is not for the politically correct soul and not for those who insist on wearing earplugs or pink sunglasses. This is about the people who are so concerned about their own pleasures that they are willing to sacrifice their people and sniff in another shot of alleged power. If some others will die in the process – why not.

This post is about their ignorant audiences that for some twisted perspective choose to ignore anything they stand for while they live in their democratic “enlightened” kingdoms when it comes to the middle east. You will not find the usual narrative war here, which I suspect you might be looking for, no blood “book keeping”. Wake up and smell the coffee, you are not visiting the “levant” but a well engineered propaganda lab doing one thing – trying to persuade you it is telling the story of the Palestinian people.

So how does it work? very simple:

First you need to fix the back-story so it will not interfere in the way. Executions are good, they make sure some parts of the narrative will sit still. Since you still need someone to clean-up and cook, make sure you keep those people in such a position they will believe they are important – with a tiny price to pay, that’s all, no big deal.

Now you need a generating event. When you select one you need to take into consideration the dramatic peak of the story which you want to get to before the story is over, hopefully leading to a good end. Choose carefully – what will it be? This one? no, not fun. Maybe this one? no, not fun either. Come on, you can’t have a generating event with your “brothers” involved, you need a real “enemy”.  In the middle-east that’s easy isn’t it, only one enemy to choose from. So this is settled.

Now starts the road of trials, the more the better. Grow the antagonist (you have chosen over others) to the size of a monster, feed on it, hit it, create chaos, do to it everything you cannot do to your real mother – it’s healthy, you are on your way to adulthood and liberation.

Now you are on the way. The way is long. very.

Ok, this is boring – how long for goodness sake?! Take a shortcut. The antagonist is still there and for some reason it’s not giving up, shoot! shoot in any case, some of your people, some of their people, it’s good for getting rid of frustration. Hey! what about some powerful allies?! why didn’t we get this earlier?!

The problem is that if you tell me who your friends are I can tell a thing or two about you, so choose wisely, they can’t be all “that” powerful. So trust in God and hope for the press. Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them and make up your own story because you determine your own faith and they don’t get the language.

Since the dramatic peak has not arrived yet I have some time to turn to the audience and say this:

The fact you have positioned yourselves is those seats is what creates the stage for this story. If you were not looking at the dramatic plot someone is manipulating in front of your astonished eyes you might have noticed some other parts of the Palestinian narrative.

By the way, there are some parts in the Palestinian narrative that have very little to do with Hamas. Try and find some other colors, see how they feel.

P.S. and if you don’t trust the rule of law in a democratic state, turn your sight back home and ask yourself why.

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