The Art of Storytelling Show – space for discussion

By Limor Shiponi


I hope you’ve listened to the show on Brother Wolf’s blog and here I invite you to comment, argue, question or anything else, just jump in. Thanks Eric, it is a pleasure and eventually worked out beautifully after David Ambrose 🙂

Regards, Limor.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Storytelling Show – space for discussion”

  1. Hello Limor,

    I just listened to your interview with Eric Wolf and I was drawn in like you were talking about me. The discussion about mastery was fascinating. I’d like to add a characterisitc about storytelling that I think is important to the definition of mastery, if not master.

    You must be comfortable in the role. Storyteller is who you are, not what you do. You can have performance anxiety when you start or as you perform, or need technical help in the execution of your peformance, but the need to connect, to influence, to make the audience better humans through the sharing of your story, is such a drive, that you may care whether or not you did a “good job” in the execution of a story, but the fact you told the story was the most important thing to you. You live more completely as a humana, a storyteller, when you share a story.

    I have so much more to say, but I will try to order my thoughts and just say “thank you”, . You have opened my eyes, and touched my heart. If that is the sign of a master, well, you have my vote, and my full attention.

  2. Hello Phillip,
    You are so right. That is exactly how it feels – I need to share stories, that is who I am, that’s what I’m here for. I’ve seen myself and other tellers crash on stage, I’ve done some really bad performances, I’m not always satisfied. What is more important is being there, doing it, finding again and again the hidden paths of communicating ideas with others through storytelling.

    This leads me to something more – I like to track masterful storytellers. To listen to them again and again for years, to see how they evolve to see how I evolve with them and in my own life. I can be impressed by a single performance but tracking someone for years teaches me much more about the art.

    Will be happy to hear more. Thanks!

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