Gaza Tel-Aviv Olympic Games 2020

By Limor Shiponi

The video contains the potential of a story not yet told. We believe it is possible. The more people who will support this idea, the more likely it is to happen. It has not yet been decided who will host the Olympic games 2020. Help us by spreading this video far and wide. Who is ‘us’? us. Anybody ready to suspend their disbelieve.

7 thoughts on “Gaza Tel-Aviv Olympic Games 2020”

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  3. Hello Limor

    thank you for posting this, it is phenomenally well made. So intriguing an idea. I have passed the link on to several friends.

    the images made are quite haunting, thank you for sharing it with us! I found it through your comments on Professional Storyteller.

    Clare Muireann Murphy

    1. Hi Clare,
      Thanks. Yes, it is an intriguing idea yet possible, at least I believe so and I’m not the only one. I will send your comment to Muli Helfman – scriptwriter & creative director – he will be happy to read your words.

  4. Hi Clare,

    Excited to read your comment.

    Glad to hear you are sharing it with you friends.

    Please continue spreading the word.


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