The story of my profession (or title…)

By Limor Shiponi
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Wisely, a substantial amount of formulation, observation and discussion is performed during the earlier phases of Blackblot’s training around roles and goals. Looking at my attempt to “get the game out of the door” as Gregg placed it, this is important. In storytelling it is all in one person. If I want to move the game forward, many other people need to be involved. The game is based on storytelling technology. How will the various roles in my head translate?

I can see the other participants struggling with the same issues even if they are already in the field of product management for years, since in many companies titles represent slightly different (or very different) roles. It’s like re-learning a language you know from a different perspective. If you are open to the possibility you can re-visit what you have been doing for a long time and get a fresh view.

What is the story of my profession (title, whatever) in the language others can understand and agree upon? Is it a profession or is it more than that (more not like in better. Rather like in complex and interdisciplinary)? What is my domain expertise? Functional expertise? thoughts?

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