The future of storytelling for brands is about ‘US’

By Limor Shiponi

An expansion around my response to @grahamdbrown The future of storytelling for brands. No longer about you but them.

Storytelling for brands about the brands themselves only is as non interesting and non-effective as storytelling about their customers alone.

storytelling echoes co-existence. Brands that come up with great storytelling understand that. They don’t emphasize great stories (plots really) since those are only part of what storytelling is. They do emphasize building inviting narratives the brand and customers can find themselves relating to, finding the right place for themselves to settle into, adding some of their own to the ever evolving narrative of a brand. This way little plots spring anytime they are needed by the brand and it’s customers – fresh and relevant for the specific instance.

How is it done? Narrative space and interactivity

By creating a narrative space and eliminating a single brand-story. If you’ve ever tried to create a brand story you might have realized that the moment the story stands it feels too big a commitment. What if something in the narrative changes? and it will for sure, if not today – tomorrow. So find the deeper story for the brand but don’t tell too many people about it. Instead, release several derivations customers can play with or really “measure”. They will play with them as they like and you’ll watch them to see how your little stories evolve. Then you can send into the market some better ones, tuned to your customer’s needs. They want to have great stories to tell too.

The future of storytelling for brands is telling the stories of co-existence, the stories of ‘US’. They need to be told by the brand since they are also connected to business decisions but the brand brings it’s customers in to tell the stories together so they can stay fresh, relevant and effective to the lives of the people the brand wishes to serve and walk through the world with.

As Graham mentioned – egos can be a problem, especially looking at the previous sentence but if businesses are about the bottom-line those egos better wake-up because if there is something brand stories are not about – it is them.

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