The future of storytelling

By Limor Shiponi

Is it’s past and present.

Storytelling was never ever about author and reader – it’s an oral art, therefore never about reading but yes about watching your imagination and self; if someone ever thought storytelling was a product – think where that thought came from and what stands behind it because it has nothing to do with storytelling.

Only plots behave along time which people might miss-interpret as a tidy straight line; storytelling has always been a mosaic in constant motion, patterned, framed, re-framed and structured so boundaries will be clear and fear will reside for a while in its man-size form; the story is in the eyes of the witness, many witnesses along time.

Storytelling frames life so we can look at it, make it as if stand in place for a moment and learn something for the next moment to come; it has never been a frozen narrative because frozen narratives do not exists, not owned, there is no authority upon them.

Storytelling taps into collective imagination and consciousness but it is not universal, the need for it is. We are not all one, we need not dream together our secret dreams and storytelling as it should be has always protected man from that danger.

Real and not real are real, not necessarily factual; it is a work of art because it seeks higher order to understand what will happen in the next minutes which already arrived, to live a better life, more complete. You’re mind and body take a pause to listen within the stream of your own life, messengers, witness’s and utterance’s life all together and then you un-pause to connect again while time continues.

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