What could be possible grids?

By Limor Shiponi

Following the monthly teleconference on WWSW with Cynthia Kurtz –

Cynthia suggested four questions to the WWSW community, connected to the spectrum of our work. As we were talking it became evident that there are many viewpoints regarding story-work (to say the least although the conversation in this case didn’t reach a dead-end which was nice). The final thought and observation became the matter of awareness – are we aware of what others do?

Say we really want to know and we really want to invest something into it, there are two ways to go:

Everybody tells everybody what they do – something that might resemble 1001 global nights.

Create some sort of grid onto which everybody who is interested can settle and say “you see these places on the grid? That’s where my work sits”.

If we would to choose the second path, what could be possible grids?

6 thoughts on “What could be possible grids?”

  1. The notion of ‘1001 global nights’ is appealing but not, I suspect, all that practical.
    On the face of it the grid idea seems much more practical…a matrix of options where one may tick as many of the cells as apply. But then I thought about what the categories/criteria might be.
    Client groups vs excercises?
    Sources vs audiences?
    contexts vs sources?
    The more you think about it, the harder it gets.
    Could just be me, I admit, but maybe this is one of those questions whose prime value lies in the asking, not the answering?

  2. “…the value lies in the asking and not the answering.”
    The answering of 1001 nights sounds like it might produce a few good stories and even more entertaining anecdotes.

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