In search of a storytelling grid | a question for story practitioners

By Limor Shiponi

I’m working on creating a storytelling grid that can help map the field of things named storytelling. If you’re curious, please read post I & post II and don’t miss the interesting comments. At the same time I’d like to present a question to story practitioners in order to create a survey and compare your answers to answers given by storytellers, most of them with several thousands of performances/events attached to their belt.

Answering this question will require about 5-10 min. of your precious time and I thank you in advance for taking part in this search.

Question: What skills, attributes and components make up the ability of a story practitioner?

(Just to give you an example from storytellers’ answers, things like intention, communication skills, sense of story, listening skills, visual intelligence etc. were mentioned)

The list can be long as the way from here to the moon. What say you?

6 thoughts on “In search of a storytelling grid | a question for story practitioners”

  1. Hello Limor,

    Thank you so much for posting your thoughts after the teleseminar!

    As for your question (your list is well fed 😉 I would say honest, childlike, playful CURIOSITY is definitely one thing every story practitioner could use.

    Best wishes from Barcelona, happy to have you on our contributor list, you enrich our site.


    1. No doubt. Sense of story as called among storytellers.

      Shawn, can you help me bring more story practitioners over to answer this question?

      I’ll tell you what I did with storytellers – first I asked for their input, then created a survey from that input allowing people to grade each trait on the list on a scale of 1-5 (each level had a description) and added ‘other’ for them to add ideas. After ideas were added I created another survey of the same kind and eventually I could weigh the traits and present the full list where on top you got what storytellers value as the most important traits needed to perform their work/art.

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