Back from Spain with plenty of thoughts

By Limor Shiponi

Magic happens, we all know that.

I haven’t had a vacation for a very long time so refusing my partner’s offer to join him was out of the question. That’s how I found myself on a flight to Spain a week and a half ago together with 40 students and art masters from the Basis art school where I’ve studied sketching last year. I decided to blog a road journal but the idea didn’t materialize on the spot, so the next few posts will be post-traveling pondering coming out of my new parrot green rubber-band notebook (check out their stuff, especially if you are a stationary addict like me).

For now, I’ll just add that this kind of traveling tends to do two things – make we want to go home and keep myself busy with the arts, leaving all the business stuff behind since it suddenly seem like nuisance and over-rated in comparison; shoots my brain with cross sense-making, jotting down ideas one after another, pieces of comprehension I’ll want to use later-on in my writing and work. I’m curious to learn how this will unravel but for now – need to get some sleep.

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