Who are you calling a liar!?

By Limor Shiponi

So this guy says “you keep people’s attention with your stories for hours and at the end it’s all a bunch of lies”.

And suggestions on how to answer this?

5 thoughts on “Who are you calling a liar!?”

    1. Well Gregg – I totally agree and the idea you propose is widely presented by storytellers in one form or another, like telling the story about “Truth and Story”. Since lately I’m hearing these “accusations” from many storytellers who take the time to phone and write me about this issue it suddenly occurred to me that we storytellers might be doing a big mistake – answering the second part (about the content) and not the first (keeping people engaged for a long time). What do you think?

    2. And another question – what interest would someone have in saying something like that to a person he’s been listening to for a couple of hours? to me it seems more self-destructive than offensive.

  1. To me a story is about “what is possible’ and not about “what is”.
    I like when you say “the story teller retreats the domain of every-day reality into wonderland”, which is like a cloud of possibilites from where anything might materialize depending on our humanity and perspective.
    How could then a story teller be a liar?
    Isn’t he/she rather a magician?
    Thanks for all your thoughtful insights.
    Please continue.

    1. Hi Bozena. If we’ll adhere to the idea that a magician is someone skillful who knows when to work each skill to achieve a wanted outcome, storytellers can be defined as magicians, yes. I called out, you commented and now I have a wanted outcome – a conversation that inspires me to continue. Without your comment I’d be guessing. For me that’s magic.

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