The 5 zones of attention in storytelling

By Limor Shiponi

Storytelling involves a complicated set of attention zones. None of them are more or less important than others and they’re all crucial. Translating these levels of attention to the business arena you’ll realize you’re looking at an important balancing act too many businesses seem to ignore.


Attention to what’s going on in the story – the story in the case of business is what and how the business is doing in the world – not a ‘marketing’ kind of story. Can you tell what and how your business is doing? Do you pay attention constantly? Are you focused?

Attention to how what’s going on in the story effects me – our businesses and what happens in and with them effects us. These effects need attention and this usually resonates in being truthful (at least to yourself) about your business.

Attention to my partners in the telling – partners as in anyone involved in moving the business. What you get from them if you pay attention is crucial and needs to influence ‘the story’. Do you pay attention to what your customers have to say? Suppliers? Employees? Board? Stakeholders? Is your attention balanced?

Attention to what’s going on around us – no one is alone in the world, various events take place, everything we do needs to be relevant and in context.

Attention to myself – I like calling this zone ‘the inner janitor’. You know, the little guy running up and down the corridors, tending all kinds of inner issues whether physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do you let him do his job?

Check and see if you have the grip on all these attention zones in your business and if they are balanced. Not simple but possible and with practice along time you can master this complexity and crop the benefits.

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