When sharing is often far from caring

By Limor Shiponi

‘Sharing’ is an ‘us’ word. When placed next to ‘caring’ one might assume it is about ‘us’ too. Seems that with some people that’s not exactly the case. What am I talking about? aggregation.

Some aggregate carefully, actually read what they are moving around, add a little note so you can decide if you want to click or not and use technological tools that refer to the original.

Some aggregate carefully, actually read the material but then they edit it to their liking, mix it with some other aggregated material and package it with their name on top. Although they credit the original creators they don’t ask them permission for editing and some other important issues like – do I want my work to appear in that specific context? do I want my work cited next to others’ whose work I strongly reject in the given context?

Some aggregate massively via robots, hardly read the headlines if at all and expect me to be delighted with their style of ‘sharing is caring’.

And there are some who go far enough to change my URLs. The material on their platforms still carries my name but I know as they do that robots are first and foremost after the URL. If my name is written in it and you take it off it’s like taking my book and changing the cover.

Some of all this is also connected to monitizaton. Are you offering me a share? no. But you are using my content on your platform because it helps you make the money via driving traffic.

So, from now on…

I’ve requested to remove my twitter username from paper.li. That will happen with their next update.

WP Robot is not welcome to this site anymore. If for some reason you do get my feeds because even robots are not perfect don’t skip the rest of this post.

Don’t even think about taking it off or changing the URLs. I’m very serious. The only posts that do not and will not carry the CC note are those that feature others’ work. I wouldn’t like you to think it’s mine – they deserve the credit. If you aggregate them from my site please make sure this is very clear.

If you are an aggregator of the first kind I’ve mentioned, you are welcome.

If you don’t like what’s written here and don’t care about what I’m asking for, you are welcome to delete anything about me from your platforms. I don’t want money so trying that path won’t lead you anywhere.

If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact me.

Regards, Limor.



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