Another connection between storytelling and sustainability

By Limor Shiponi
The Scapini Tarot – my favorite deck.

I’ve already written about sustainability being the primal cause for storytelling. Another connection between the two is that storytelling will always sustain and threfore will always sustain a storyteller. We don’t need anything but another person; no media devices, no electricity, no facility or agency. We don’t even have to make a lot of money – just enoght to make a living.

My storytelling survival gear

Everytime I travel away from home I take my storytelling survival gear with me – a professional-bartender international certificate and a deck of Tarot cards.  The business model is simple – use the Tarot as a conversation starter in bars and clubs, build up some presence through storytelling and then win the bartender’s position in that place. Pretty simple but it will sustain you… 🙂

So I’m curious to know if other storytellers have thought about this and if so… what is your storytelling survival gear?

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