Rosh Hashanah – Happy New Year!

By Limor Shiponi

It is that time of the year again! I wish you all the very possible best and lots of great storytelling with your families, friends, and complete strangers. Scroll down to find a beautiful quote translated freely from a Hebrew translation to the original Spanish (she always has to complicate things doesn’t she… oy, well). I am still looking for the exact reference and if I will find it, I will let you know.


“Telling a story is a miracle, something that cannot be explained like breathing, like hugging, like falling in love; something that can happen only occasionally, although we will never know if the shudder was a flutter of an angel or a gust of wind.

It is not just saying, “I’ll tell a story”. It is as if we say “I’ll make a miracle” and the time needs to be right, like the partners.

Story is a mystery solved when someone, shivering, tells someone else, enchanted. Then, when he tells, the miracle occurs.

The storyteller gives something through his words, skin, blood, laughter, and love from the heart.

When I was a child, I jailed worms in an empty cardboard box. A few days passed and when I opened it, a cloud of butterflies appeared, flying in the sun.

So are stories. They change only in air, beat only in the breath of the juggler’s figure of a storyteller”.

Jorge Diaz (1930-2007)

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