Are men better storytellers?

By Limor Shiponi

When I saw this question on the ‘storytellers’ fb group, I thought “what?!” Being a better storyteller has nothing to do with gender; it has everything to do with being a better storyteller.

After reading the discussion and cross-breeding it with many such discussions I’ve read and heard in the past, another thought occurred: most storytellers don’t go through any kind of stable process. Not as artists nor as people who have a tiny business. There is also not much institutional context. This creates a lot of vagueness and frustration, kept under the counter politely with occasional bursts like:

  • Are men better storytellers?
  • How come they’ve invited HER to the festival?! I’m a MUCH better storyteller!
  • He is SUCH a mediocre teller but the audience is crazy about him. I don’t get it…
  • That’s not a storyteller, that’s a stalker. Nothing original about him…

Need I continue?

From my experience, the healthier way would be to create something positive for myself. The right suite for my abilities, possibilities, various capacities and resources; a suite that will help carry me on the path of realistic intentions and support me.

The question is – how do you do that? I think I can help quite a great deal here. The other question is – are you interested? I’m not going to sell you anything, I just need to know if YOU want to ask the questions, because I know mine are usually difficult to start with.


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    1. Hi Robin, welcome, it’s my pleasure. Would you like to ask a specific question on raise an issue you want me to start from? if it’s more convinient you can use the contact form. I’ll wait for your response.

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