Italo Calvino | Narratives

By Limor Shiponi

Commenting on what’s important in a tale, Peter Fruhmann mentioned ‘Invisible Cities‘ by Italo Calvino, creating the opportunity to re-write an old post I’ve deleted from this blog long ago. It’s an exercise aiming at answering the question: can any story happen to anyone, anywhere?


Find the book, read through, and then pick one city. Ask the people you are working with to create a character that lives in that city – its characterizations and character, its true self. After they do it – and it will take about 30 min. ask the characters questions so the participants get a sense of the way their character speaks and responds. Then, make them meet around a situation or create one in the city you started with.

How do place, space, view, influence people? The way they move? The way they speak? The way they create connections? Can any story happen anywhere? Try it.

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