Cup of Elijah Family Moment

By Limor Shiponi

Every year on Passover eve we share a Seder meal and tell the Haggadah. Somewhere along the night, arrives that moment when the door is opened for Elijah the prophet. The reason for that you can find in many other places – right now I’m looking at something way more important – will he drink from the wine or not? I mean, will he drink from OUR wine, in OUR home?

Like many other children – that question kept me busy for years. The adults would say, “look! see? the wine in the cup is moving!” when we grew up a little, we figured it was moving because one of the adults was gently rocking the table.

One Passover eve, after my mother opened the door for Elijah and returned to the table just to meet our cynical “yes, who’s turn is it to rock the table this time?” something different happened. The cup, made of glass from rim to bottom, became empty. The wine wasn’t moving in little waves, it actually disappeared – slowly but surely. Our astonishment was worth a photograph, I’m sure. We sat there, staring at the glass, dead silent.

It took us another Passover eve to figure out my father went through the trouble of finding someone that will drill through the glass’s leg, so he can insert a transparent tube kept hooked to the table, released silently into a small bucket at the right moment 🙂

These efforts make for the most memorable family moments and stories. It happened about 35 years ago and I’m still telling the story…

Wishing you Chag Sameach and great joy with family and friends!   

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