Agora – the best of 2013

Well… this was an interesting year, wasn’t it? reviewing the Agora posts brought back memories about moments of revelation, breakthroughs, harsh discussions and many virtual hand-shakes. I thank everyone who invested time in reading, commenting, sharing, mentioning, re-tweeting, both here and in other virtual spaces.

The posts listed here were not selected via analytics. They are here because I find them either helpful, mind provoking or worth a second thought.

I wish us all an interesting, prosperous and a little more sane and peaceful 2014.



Storytelling is not a combination of two words. Here’s why…
Journeying away from ‘Professional Storyteller’
From the mouth of ‘babies’ to the ears of media and marketing ‘professionals’
Characters, Script and Orality
Two anecdotes about the physical element of storytelling

Business Story, Strategy & Marketing

The day I came up with the Content Requirements Document (CRD)
My stories of failure and how they turned into a Business Plan
John Hagel: dropping story in favor of narrative is dangerous advice
Coca Cola Journey Enfolds The Sad Story of Content Marketing Storytelling Hype
The state of B2B Marketing – Summing up 2013

Culture, Politics & Society

Good morning class – today we’re going to play Nazis
Never again?
“The kids have no imagination!”

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