TEDxYouth@BialikRogozinSchool | afterthoughts

By Limor Shiponi There are events that send you home smiling a good smile for hours and days. TEDxYouth@BialikRogozinSchool was such an event, smiling because it felt good being part of man-kind, kind in particular.  TEDxYouthDay TEDxYouthDay took place on November 20th in 59 different locations around the globe. Since TEDx events are independently organized …

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Best tips for storytelling in branding and marketing?

By Limor Shiponi After reading a lot of stuff about this issue I still have a question: what should one know? Many people use terms like narrative, story, storytelling, engagement, eliciting emotions, conversation marketing etc. If you’re already at it I have another: what can storytelling really do? Will be happy to read your thoughts …

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