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Shoah (Holocaust) and things I’ve learned about/from my Father

By Limor Shiponi My father was a ‘sabre’*. When still young, his parents decided there was not enough culture over here and returned to Poland, their homeland, so their children can receive good education. They returned back here during 1936 with a large group of Jews that understood that place was for them no longer. …

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TEDxYouth@BialikRogozinSchool | afterthoughts

By Limor Shiponi There are events that send you home smiling a good smile for hours and days. TEDxYouth@BialikRogozinSchool was such an event, smiling because it felt good being part of man-kind, kind in particular.  TEDxYouthDay TEDxYouthDay took place on November 20th in 59 different locations around the globe. Since TEDx events are independently organized …

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