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This blog has been through quite a bit. It changed as I moved along and will continue to change. To help you grasp what you might find here, I’ve compiled a guided tour. Nevertheless, you can bypass the tour, hit the archives page and use the search box.

Conversations I find timely

Storytelling evolution? A conversation initiated with Gregg Morris who decided to pick up the glove and drill-down into some difficult issues around the perception of storytelling. Be prepared for a very long read.

Striding towards storytelling mastery – an interview with Brother Wolf, The Art of Storytelling Show.

Storylistening and the ability to review performance – a conversation between my younger daughter and myself after visiting ‘Beyond the Border’ Wales international storytelling festival with many interesting comments by storytellers

However narrative and storytelling are defined, people know them when they “feel” them. Yes? No? Another conversation initiated with Gregg Morris and continued with Bill Wren, trying to clear definitions around ‘story’ and ‘storytelling’.

Speeches (analysis):  The King’s SpeechBibi and Bomb.


Series: The StoryBox Project – Field Report. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

Series: In search of a Storytelling grid. Initiated after a conversation on WWSW with Cynthia Kurtz. Start with the intro and work your way from there. Two special things happened here – the contributions by Allan Davies and others and my attempt to sketch some illustrations. IntroPart IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V – utterance, Part VI – witness, Part VII – storywork, Part VIII – skills.

Series: How to become a better storyteller – G’s voyage was a long one and you’ll find all the links here.


More Storytelling Posts

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Ofra Gisella Kipnis (memorandum)

The 5 zones of attention in storytelling

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Journeying away from “professional storyteller”

A storytellers’ daily routine I II and III

El Escorial | If only the guards weren’t looking!  (personal)


Business, leadership, content

Why marketing and storytelling don’t go together

Storytelling, mass media and noise to market

The day I came up with the Content Requirements Document (CRD)

My stories of failure and how they turned into a business plan

Business leaders, can your employees tell you?

Is your story holding back your company’s story?

Avner Less, Frodo Baggins | Standing witness to the story of Evil

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