Limor Shiponi, Storyteller.

Limor Shiponi, Storyteller.

We are living through fascinating times. Systems regarded solid are crashing, figures admired for their success are exposed as responsible for wiping out the horizon of millions of people; people who believed they were working towards a better future for their families. Many stories about glamor are popping like soap bubbles.

The durable has collapsed, the trusted turned shady.

Life goes on.

We still need to manage systems, lead, produce and serve, supply and live. We have the opportunity to create a new vision and a different agenda. What stories do we tell ourselves and others? It became evident that many stories we’ve got accustomed to do not lean on truth and truth as we have learned, lies beyond imagination.

That’s what I’m busy with – the human story and the opportunity to lead our lives to a new place.

What’s in here for you

This blog is about the art of storytelling. It’s also about training and coaching storytellers, so you might find interest in ‘how to become a better storyteller’. Whether you are just starting the long voyage or anywhere along the road, my interest is in asking difficult questions to find the most objective answers in what seems to be a very subjective journey. Obviously, I’m interested in culture, which I connect through my work with technological organizations to business story & strategy and to B2B marketing.

What you won’t find here is marketing fluff and populism.

The Agora is where you’ll find links to the most developed exchanges, if you’re wondering where to start from. I hope you have a good read and you’re welcome to comment, contribute and continue the debate so we can all learn.

Official note

Limor Shiponi is a professional storyteller and CEO with The Storytelling Company Inc, Israel. While performing and researching her art for close to twenty years, she became involved in business practices concerning human interaction and knowledge and is currently the leading social media & content strategist in Israel for tech companies and corporations. At the same time she is highly involved in storytelling as an art form and practice. Her English blog is well known among professionals, being an arena for debate and deep insights about the art.

Her heart’s desire is with music, starting with the piano at the age of five, moving to oboe, early reeds and eventually becoming a practicing orchestra conductor. Her other fields of interest are numerous and she happily crossbreeds knowledge while performing her favorite sport – tackling subjective riddles, seeking and finding deep solutions to complex issues. Her latest storytelling program ‘Honor Price’ demonstrates less-known facets of her personal interests – the ability to balance the chalice and the blade, survival, women’s doings in a man’s world and sustainability.

Limor is the author of ‘Stories at work’ (Hebrew, 2006) and will write her second book during 2012-13.