Instantly Applied Storytelling | How to become rich and famous and young and beautiful in 30 days or less

By Limor Shiponi Yesterday I conducted yet another workshop for HRs who wanted to learn how to apply some storytelling principles into their work. I can’t remember how many “applied storytelling” workshops I’ve conducted through the past fifteen years, nor can I tell how many customizations for various professional domains I was requested to perform. […]

Being a storyteller in the era of ‘storytelling’ side hustles and generalization

By Limor Shiponi Some time ago I crossed roads with someone in the marketing automation business. “Great!” he exclaimed upon recognizing me, “we’re both storytellers!”. Hell not. But as storytellers know, right now we’re told again and again “everybody is a storyteller”. Can you argue the opposite when huge media forces, journalists, corporate CEOs, data […]