My sculpture doesn’t tell a story

A year ago, I joined CAN New Artists Collegium founded and led by David Zundelovitch. The members of the group I’m in are all sculptors. I arrive from music and storytelling. It wasn’t clear if I’ll manage to blend in. My music education involved art history and I’m no stranger to the arts. Yet my knowledge and experience with sculpting is zero. I never …

All the more so storytelling

By Limor Shiponi “Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal.” -Egon Schiele — Matt Knisely (@mattknisely) August 7, 2012

Storytelling, mass media and noise to market

By Limor Shiponi So it happens that just now I got to read The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. It’s a must read for anyone who is trying to figure out what’s happening in mass media, that’s for sure. For me, reading the book was a double-layer experience; the second layer dealing with figuring out something about the way many …

Storytelling feminine sufferings

By Limor Shiponi Just had this thought that storytelling is a living feminine entity. Think about it. What triggered this thought was working around issues of the feminine and observing disorders created in a patriarchal-oriented world. Please notice, I say patriarchal not masculine.