‘Skyfall’ best quote

By Limor Shiponi

“…and bring forth the old because of the new.” (Leviticus 26:10)

Am I the only one who feels the ‘modern world’ is enforcing this idea, originally related to harvest, on everything? most probably not. The story in ‘Skyfall’ deals quite a lot with this issue. For large chunks of the movie, people over 45 both on the screen and in the audience feel uneasy. But then you get this short dialogue

Q: I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas than you can do in a year in the field.
James Bond: Then what do you need me for?
Q: Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled.
James Bond: Or not pulled. It’s hard to know which in your pyjamas… Q.
Q: [Shaking his hand] Double-O Seven.

(Source: IMDb)

Written by people my age… 🙂

So, dear Qs…

You might think you are utterly cool rolling fast-forward with technology; driving a chariot of fire without moving a single big muscle, thinking older people are repulsively ancient.

But… you can’t stand the heat, and when it comes to real life, real time, pinpoint decision-making and execution – or not, your chances are low. It doesn’t require tech; it requires real field experience and a single knife.

You can overlook, better is to collaborate, wiser is to learn.

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